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Real time analytics, direct relationships with carriers and innovation all come together for a more reliable, and efficient service.

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Nexmo has some of the highest deliverability and call success rates in the industry because we tackle challenges and pain points head on.

Easy implementation

We make communications simple so you don’t have to worry about building carrier relations or complex delivery mechanisms. Just sign up and create an account to get started with our plug and play APIs or SDKs.


We have direct relationships with multiple carriers around the world and we know their rules inside out – in fact, they’re part of the fabric of our APIs. So you always stay compliant and get the fastest and most secure connection route.

Adaptive Routing

Adaptive Routing gives you the optimal path delivery, so your customers are never kept waiting. When a carrier experiences lots of traffic, you get queues. Our patented algorithm makes sure you avoid these roadblocks by choosing the fastest and most secure alternative carrier route.

Conversion API

Our Conversion API lets us measure success using real-time, confirmed conversion data. The data we collect helps us maintain our high delivery rates and fuels our Adaptive Routing algorithm so we always make efficient decisions.

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We are one of the best performers in the industry because we tackle challenges and pain points head on.

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Whether you need to increase the volume of your API calls or extend your global reach, Nexmo’s scalable solutions let you grow effortlessly.

Plan for growth

Nexmo’s platform gives you a consistent response time and you only ever pay for what you use. What’s more, there’s no need to change your configuration, Nexmo’s out-of-the-box solution gives you 30 API call per second – that’s more than 2 million requests a day. And if you need more, we can give you more.

Develop locally, scale globally

Take advantage of the easiest way to reach users around the world. We have more SMS, Voice and Toll-free numbers in more destinations than any other provider – and that includes traditionally difficult to access countries.

A flexible, stable platform

We’ve designed our platform to be flexible so you can grow to millions of API calls without needing to change your infrastructure. What’s more, our data platform infrastructure boasts an uptime of 99.99%.

End-to-end latency reduced

We keep latency below 150ms – consistently. Because we know that it affects your business results, we manage end-to-end latency for over 1000 carriers and that includes the IP network latency for VoIP.