Voice Enabled Contact Center Desktop

Leverage WebRTC to make and receive calls within your contact center application and retain customer conversations in one place.

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Voice-enable your contact center desktop without complex telephony systems

Improve agent productivity
  • Integrate voice into your CRM application so your agents can work within one application and gain immediate access to call context. No need to switch applications to handle phone calls.
Expand easily with remote agents
  • Quickly add remote agents or contact centers in any region. A browser is all they need.
Lower costs
  • Eliminate the need to deploy and configure expensive phones and PBX systems. Get voice delivered through your browser.
How it works
Talk to customers within your desktop application
Get a contact center number
Port your current number or buy a new number from Nexmo and publish it.
Your customers call you
Customer calls appear in your browser-based CRM application so agents have full customer context - all in one screen.
You contact prospects
Your agents can also initiate outbound calls right from within your contact center application.
Run reports
You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your call activity from our dashboard or your own application using the Nexmo Management API.

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