Voice Broadcast

Broadcast marketing and other messages to customers via outbound phone calls with optional IVR feedback

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Engage a large audience efficiently and cost-effectively

Engage more reliably
  • A ringing phone is hard to ignore, so using a voice call to notify audience members about new deals or new events increases the likelihood of engagement. You can use a simple IVR application to capture individual responses and feedback.
Improve ROI
  • Voice broadcast campaigns deliver a greater ROI than print media campaigns because of a much higher level of personalization and engagement.
How it works
Broadcast your message to reach a wide audience
Your application calls
Your application calls a list of phone numbers from a database. If you have provisioned local numbers from Nexmo, your call recipients will see local numbers as the caller ID, regardless of the location from which you initiated the call.
Call recipients hear your message
Individuals answer the phone and hear a pre-recorded or text-to-speech message. Text-to-speech messages can also include information that has been personalized for each recipient. If no one answers, or if Nexmo detects that voicemail has answered, your application can retry the call or leave a voice message (depending on your business logic).
Call recipients can respond
If you request feedback, individuals can respond to an IVR menu or record an audio response.
You can run reports
You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using the Nexmo Management API.


Programmable Elements used in this Solution

Provision Number
Create App
Call Control API

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