Voice-based Critical Alerts

Enable worldwide delivery of critical alerts via phone calls

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More immediate reach
  • A persistently ringing phone is harder to ignore than a text or push message, so using a voice call to deliver a critical alert — about a cancelled flight or an early school closing — increases the likelihood of your alert being heard.
Ensure delivery
  • To ensure critical alerts are delivered, you can use a simple IVR application to enable call recipients to acknowledge receipt of the alert. In addition, you can automatically deliver alerts to backup contacts if no acknowledgement is detected.
How it works
Get through when it matters
Your app calls
Your application initiates simultaneous calls to everyone who needs to know about an event that has happened or is about to happen.
Call recipients answer
Call recipients see the local virtual number you provisioned from Nexmo as the caller ID and answer the phone.
Alert recipient hears your message
Your app plays a recorded or text-to-speech message to convey the alert. Your message can be personalized and delivered in multiple languages.
Alert recipient confirms receipt
Your app instructs the called party to press a key to acknowledge receipt of your message.
You can run reports
You can run reports to see who was contacted (and when) as well as who responded (and when) to your alert.


Programmable Elements used in this Solution

Provision Voice
Create App
Call Control API

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