Spam and Botnet Prevention

Block botnets and bulk account creation with phone verification for new users

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Eliminate spam more effectively

  • Phone verification prevents bulk account creation and eradicates spam more effectively than captchas or social logins.
Better use experience
  • Minimizes personal information sharing (compared to using social network registrations) and enables a nearly frictionless registration experience for mobile users.
  • Every user with a phone has a unique identifier, enabling you to grow the audience for your application with confidence.
How it works
Make sure a real person is registering for your app
The user enters his/her phone number
As part of the registration process, the app asks the user to enter his/her number.
Nexmo Verify sends a code
Nexmo Verify sends a text message containing an authentication code to that number. If the user is on a landline, Nexmo automatically makes a phone call and delivers the code via text-to-speech.
The user enters the authentication code
The user receives the message and enters the authentication code in the installer screen.
Nexmo Verify validates the code
Behind the scenes, Nexmo Verify confirms that the user has entered the correct code. If so, the app installation can continue.
And weeds out the botnets and spammers
If the code is incorrect, Nexmo Verify can prompt the user to re-try. If the correct code is never entered, your app can cancel the installation process.


Programmable Elements used in this Solution

Verify Control
Verify Check
Verify Request

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