SMS Customer Support

Enable your mobile customers to open support tickets and engage via SMS

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Support customers anytime, anywhere

Don’t make your customers wait on hold
  • Empower your customers to access support without them having to call and wait on hold. Improve customer satisfaction by enabling them to create tickets and interact with you via SMS.
Resolve issues faster
  • SMS provides a direct, frictionless channel for engaging customer support. And, because recipients engage via SMS faster and at higher rates than any other messaging channel, your responses are seen and acted upon more quickly.
Support customers on the go
  • SMS ensures that your customers can engage support directly, no matter where they are, even if they don’t have a mobile support app on their phone.
How it works
Add access to customer service via SMS
Publish a number for SMS customer service
You publish a shortcode or virtual number for customer service. The number could be the same as your voice number for support.
Customers send support requests
Your customers send a text message with a brief description of their issue to your support number.
Create a service ticket
Your application or bot automatically creates a service ticket using your customer service application.
Associate the customer’s number with the ticket
Your application assigns an agent and links the customer’s phone number with the ticket. If the customer calls in, the customer service agent will have the context handy.
Acknowledge your customer’s query
Your application acknowledges the inbound message by replying with a case number, a link to relevant self help knowledge, and an estimated response time from the assigned agent.
Your service agent follows up
The agent assigned to the ticket begins begin a text conversation with the customer to resolve the issue. If the customer calls, the conversation continues via voice, preserving the context of the discussion.


Programmable elements used in this solution


Step-by-step guide to build a simple system for SMS customer support

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