Connect to the world instantly via SIP Trunking

Instantly connect your PBX to the telephone network and scale up and down on demand

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Connect your business to the world

Reach Globally
  • Connect your company to 7 billion people across 225 countries and over 1,600 telecommunications networks.
Elastic Capacity
  • Forgo capacity planning and scale up or down as required by your business.
Instant Connectivity
  • Instantly connect to our network without the hassle negotiating lengthy carrier contracts.
How it works
Scale on demand with elastic SIP trunking
Connect to our network
You configure your PBX to connect to our network following our guide.
Get the numbers you need
You provision and publish the Nexmo phone numbers you need for your customers to reach your company. Provision toll free numbers or local numbers in each country where you do business.
Your customers call you
Your customers call you and reach your contact center. Optionally, add a simple IVR menu to your inbound call flow to enable callers to reach the right department directly.
You call your prospects
You launch telemarketing, collection, or other outbound campaigns without regard for capacity planning as our trunks automatically scale up or down to meet the needs of your business. In addition, with Nexmo Number Insight you save costs by validating that numbers are good and reachable before you call them.
Gain actionable insights
You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your traffic and campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our management API.

Configuration Guide

Step-by-step guide for connecting your PBX to our network.

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