Private SMS Communication

Connect your users via text message privately

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  • LookBooker boosts beauty booking notifications with Nexmo's anonymous SMS capabilities.
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  • Detrack implemented Nexmo's SMS API to enable 2-way anonymous communication between drivers and package recipients.
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  • CentraCX scales anonymous employee feedback surveys with Nexmo SMS capabilities.
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Facilitate communication while protecting privacy

Avoid revenue leaks
  • Ensure that conversations and transactions between parties stay on your platform.
Gain new insights
  • Leverage your control of the conversation to perform analysis and generate new insights for your business.
How it works
Create a safe space for conversations
User “A” starts the conversation
Using a local number provided by your application, a user starts a conversation by text with a second user, without knowing their real number.
User “B” gets the message
The recipient gets the text message from the sender. They see either a local number or your brand as the sender ID. The real number of the sender is not shown.
Conversation ensues
User “A” and User “B” can freely engage in a two-way conversation, to negotiate and transact via SMS, without ever disclosing their real numbers.


Programmable elements used in this solution

Provision Number
Receive SMS
Send SMS


Step-by-step guide to building private SMS


Ensuring privacy at global scale

Getting users to trust and engage
Your users are less likely to engage in a conversation from a number they don’t recognize, especially if it’s international.
Getting clean local numbers
Whether your app connects users in one city or all over the world, growing demand means you need a supply of local virtual numbers that you can rely haven’t been used by another application recently.
Delivering messages in real-time
To create a conversation between parties, particularly if logistics are involved, it’s imperative that communication happens in real time, without delays.
Controlling costs
Costs can mount rapidly if you’re paying for every back and forth message, or if you have to keep a large inventory of virtual numbers.
It is very difficult to bring together the data needed to monitor the costs, volumes, and performance of such a dynamic messaging system.


Nexmo’s SMS API not only allowed us to instantly scale globally, but it allowed us deliver business-critical messages at the right time, to the right user, wherever they are in the world.
Markus Emmer
CMO and Co-Founder, Roadmap
Quality, Support, Scalability