Passwordless Authentication

Replace static passwords with single use codes sent over SMS, voice or push

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  • With Nexmo's SMS and Voice APIs, Grab effectively provided its users with the convenience of passwordless login to create a frictionless user experience.
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Convenience without compromising security

Great user experience
  • Let users conveniently gain instant and secure access to your app with just their phone.
  • Reliably works with any type of phone line anywhere in the world with a single API.
Clear value
  • Pay only when users successfully access your application.
How it works

Ensure security by delivering time-limited, single-use authorization codes to known numbers

User starts app
The user taps a button to request a verification code when they are ready to login.
Verify delivers a single-use login code
Nexmo Verify delivers a one-time-use code to the user’s registered phone via SMS, voice, or push notification.
User enters the code
The user demonstrates that they hold the registered device by entering the received code in the app.
Verified users gain access
The app confirms that the entered code is correct and allows the user to login.


Programmable elements used in this solution


Step-by-step guide to building passwordless authentication


Verifying our users is business-critical, and we required an authentication partner that could help us achieve the highest possible conversions. Nexmo went above and beyond our expectations, and we only paid for successful verifications - something no other vendor was able to provide.
Darrell MacMullin
CEO, BitGold
Quality, Support, Scalability