Mobile App Promotion

Invite website visitors to download your mobile app using SMS and an embedded link to your page on the app stores

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Make it easier for mobile users to discover your app

Mobile app adoption
  • Promote your app to mobile users on your website. Your website can tell when a visitor is using a mobile browser and can promote your app, improving adoption.
Simplified app discovery
  • Interested mobile visitors can discover your app easily via a link in a text message, cutting through the noise in the app stores.
How it works
Connect mobile visitors to your mobile app
Your website detects mobile visitors
Your website invites visitors using a mobile browser to download your mobile app. If users are interested, they provide their phone number.
Send a personalized invitation
Your website can prompt the delivery of a text message containing a link to your mobile app on the iOS or Android store.
Visitors install your app
By clicking the link embedded in the text message, visitors can access and install your mobile app without having to find the app in an online store.
You track conversions
Using Nexmo’s Console Analytics, you can tell at a glance which customers have clicked the link in the invitation and installed your app.


Programmable elements used in this solution


Step-by-step guide to building a mobile app promotion system

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