Fraud Detection and Step-Up Verification

Detect possible fraud and trigger step-up authentication when needed

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Keep fraud at bay while delivering a better experience

Prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Use up-to-date intelligence on phone numbers to detect potentially fraudulent transactions.
Reduce customer friction
  • Streamline transactions by triggering step-up authentication only for only those numbers suspected of being fraudulent.
How it works
Ensure that your customers are genuine
Your app requests a customer’s number
When setting up an account — or, as part of a high-value transaction — your app asks your customer to enter his/her phone number.
Your app sends the number to Number Insight
Number Insight returns real-time intelligence on the phone number — whether it is valid, reachable, a virtual number or a landline, and more. If the number is unreachable or invalid, your app can ask the customer to re-enter their mobile number.
Your risk scoring engine raises possible alerts
If the information returned by Number Insight raises alerts in your risk scoring system, your application can trigger an additional authentication step using Nexmo Verify.
Nexmo Verify enforces authentication
Verify sends a single-use verification code via SMS or voice for your customer to enter into your app, which then returns the code to Nexmo for validation. If the verification codes match, your app can register the customer; if not, it can block the customer.


Programmable elements used in this solution


Step-by-step guide to build a number verification system

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