Advertising Campaigns with Inbound Call Whisper

Use a call whisper to tell your call center agent which campaign the call concerns before they greet the caller

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Give your call center agents an audible heads-up

Engage more effectively
  • By identifying the campaign about which someone is calling – before the agent takes the call – your agents can greet callers with context and improve effectiveness.
Lower costs
  • An audible whisper solution can eliminate the need to invest in and maintain complex computer-telephony integration systems that traditionally provide a “screen pop” on an agent’s desktop.
Track performance
  • You can easily track and optimize both ad campaign performance and agent productivity.
How it works
Associate inbound numbers with specific ad campaigns
Link ad campaigns to specific virtual numbers
When running your ad campaigns, assign a virtual number unique to each campaign.
Route incoming calls
Your application routes campaign calls to an available agent.
Prepare the agent with a whisper
Before the agent is connected to the caller, an audible message tells the agent which campaign the caller is calling about.
Connect the call
As the caller is connected, the agent can pull up the right ad campaign script and be ready to engage.
Monitor performance
At any time, you can run reports to get insights on campaigns and performance.


Step-by-step guide to add a call whisper to an inbound call

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