Booking Management via Social Media

Enable customers to track booked flights, lodgings, purchases, shipping information, and more via their favorite social media networks

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Interact with customers via their favorite social network channels

Keep the conversation social
  • Engage with your customers on the platforms that they regularly use and enjoy.
Keep your customers up to date
  • Engage proactively at every step of the customer journey to handle any issues that arise. You can enhance the lifetime value of customers by engaging with them on an ongoing basis.
Hold a richer conversation
  • Facilitate personalized interactions with images, audio, video, location-based insights, even quick reply buttons.
Engage the world at scale
  • The Nexmo Messages API ensures that you can instantly engage at scale — with any customer — via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and other leading social network chat apps.
How it works
Facilitate engagement via social media
Connect your business to the world's chat networks
The Nexmo Messages API makes it easy to offer customers the option to get updates and stay in touch through their favorite chat apps.
Stay connected at customer check-out
When a customer is completing a purchase, they can connect their social chat account with your business, granting you access to send notifications and rewards through the channel they use most.
Engage the customer with relevant updates
Your application provides support via social chat along the entirety of the customer journey — delivering e-tickets, reminding the customer to check in, delivering boarding passes, even alerting them of changes.
Facilitate future engagements
Continue the conversation with future offers and enable the customer to secure bookings via chat. Credit card information can be transferred via a secure purchase URL.


Programmable Elements used in this Solution

Manage Social Accounts
Send a Message
Receive a Message

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