These TokBox Services Supplemental Terms apply to the live video chat platform services (“TokBox Services”) described at (“TokBox Site”).

1. TokBox API Key

Use of the TokBox Services requires a separate API key (“TokBox API Key”) from other Services, and sign-up the TokBox Site. For purposes of the TokBox Services, “Account” shall mean the account that Customer creates on the TokBox Site. Customer shall promptly report any breaches of its Account or TokBox API Key, and shall direct inquiries regarding its Account or TokBox API Key, to [email protected]

2. Auto-Renewal

Monthly subscriptions for TokBox Services auto-renew. To cancel, Customer must log into its Account at least 24 hours before the monthly renewal date.

3. TokBox-Specific Restrictions

  • a. TokBox reserves the right to place volume limitations on access to the TokBox Services, including the right to cap concurrent video chat sessions conducted via the Customer Application.
  • b. Customer may not sell or otherwise display any advertising, promotion or sponsorship within the TokBox Services (pre-roll, post-rolls).
  • c. Customer may not use the TokBox Services to operate or enable any telecommunications service or in connection with the Customer Application that allows End Users to place calls or to receive calls from any public switched telephone network.

4. End-to-End Encrypted Archiving and China Relay

If Customer has purchased End-to-End Encrypted Archiving or China Relay (either individually or as part of a premium package), Customer must send an email to [email protected] to activate those features.

5. Regional Routing

If Customer has purchased Regional Routing (either individually or as part of a premium package), Customer must activate Regional Routing by (a) sending an email to [email protected] identifying the TokBox API Key(s) to be activated, or (b) selecting the applicable regions to apply to each TokBox API Key within the Account portal.

6. AES-256 Encryption

If Customer has purchased AES-256 Encryption (either individually or as part of a premium package), Customer must activate AES-256 Encryption by sending an email to [email protected] identifying the TokBox API Key(s) to be activated. Any new TokBox API Keys created by Customer will not have the feature enabled by default so Customer will be required to notify TokBox to add the feature as required. When a client is connecting to a TokBox media server or another client, the cipher to use will be negotiated. If the client supports AES-256 then this will be the cipher negotiated for the media traffic. If the client does not support it, then AES-128 will be used. In the case of relayed sessions, both clients must support AES-256, otherwise they will fall back to AES-128.

7. IP Whitelisting

TokBox maintains a list of IP address blocks (“TokBox IP List”) associated with platform components (e.g., media, TURN, API, and logging servers) that support TokBox Services. TokBox shares the TokBox IP List with Enterprise premium package customers upon request to [email protected]

  • a. Changes. TokBox may make changes to the list of addresses from time-to-time, including to improve platform stability and expand geographic presence or capacity. TokBox will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide at least ninety (90) days’ notice of such changes.
  • b. Limitations. Because certain platform components utilize non-static IP addresses, Customer acknowledges that activation of IP whitelisting may materially impact TokBox’s support team’s ability to troubleshoot the TokBox Services, including because detailed session statistics may be unavailable.

8. Business Associate Agreement

While Customer has enabled the HIPAA & BAA option on its Account, the terms of the Nexmo Business Associate Agreement shall be in effect.