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Nexmo OpenTok has the richest set of live video features on the market, honed over many years in response to the needs of thousands of customers.

With OpenTok, you only pay for what you use with simple simple cost-per-minute pricing for video streaming and recording.

All types of account have access to the core features of the platform, while advanced security and analytics features have an a-la-carte subscription cost or are included in bundle packages.

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Comprehensive Live Video Experiences


Support all your video use-cases with 1:1 video, group video chat or large scale broadcast sessions.

Screen Sharing

Share screens and content between session participants.


OpenTok sessions can be video and voice, voice-only or mixed

SIP Interconnect

Enable WebRTC and telephony interoperability, including with Nexmo Voice.


Easily send data and chat messages between all participants in a video session.

Video Chat Embeds

Add live video to websites in 4 minutes with one line of HTML, including WordPress, Squarespace and Zoho sites.

Audio Detection

Dynamically control app layout and display based on audio activity.

Video Stream Customization

Easily customize audio/video streams on mobile devices, including effects, filters, AR/VR and more.


Easily and securely record live video sessions for later playback or analysis.


Comprehensive performance data maintained for detailed session review, account dashboard and our Insights API.

High Security and Reliability


All voice, video and signaling traffic is AES-128 encrypted. Optionally, AES-256 encryption can be added.

Encrypted Recordings

Optionally, all video recordings can be AES-256 encrypted at rest as well as in transit to ensure deep security.

Audio Fallback

Dynamically prioritize audio in response to network quality changes.

Firewall Traversal

Easily connect across corporate and enterprise firewalls with STUN/TURN included.

Advanced Firewall Control

Optional enterprise capabilities allow organizations to deploy their own servers for proxying through firewalls.

Regional Media Zones

Enterprises can maintain industry compliance standards by restricting media traffic to regional zones, such as the US, EU, Germany and Canada.

China Relay

Improve connectivity with users in China, leveraging OpenTok infrastructure in China.

GDPR Compliance

OpenTok is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring customer privacy and comfort.

HIPAA Compliance

Our security features enable healthcare organizations to build HIPAA compliant applications, including receiving BAAs (additional service).

Reach Thousands with Interactive Broadcasting

High-scale WebRTC

Reach up to 3000 viewers in real-time over OpenTok’s WebRTC streams.

HLS Streaming

Reach unlimited audiences by live streaming OpenTok sessions over HLS.

RTMP Streaming

Stream sessions live to FaceBook Live, YouTube, Twitch and other RTMP services.

Manage your Apps with Dashboards and Analytics

Analytics with OpenTok Insights

Easily analyze trends including geographic, usage and device patterns.

Developer Tools

Access API keys, test performance and try out APIs in a "playground".

Insights API

Incorporate OpenTok data into your own analytics through our GraphQL-based API.

Supported Devices

From web to mobile, use our SDKs to create apps and services for all your devices


Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge including Chrome and Firefox on Android, and Safari 12.1 and later on iOS.


iOS 6.0+, iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 5+, iPad 2+, iPad Mini.


Android 4.1+ and devices from the the Samsung Galaxy, Google, Motorola Moto, and LG Optimus families.


Windows 7, Windows 8.x & Windows 10

Nexmo Developer

Read the docs, explore our libraries, and connect with other developers.

Knowledge Base

Quick answers to common questions on Video API interface, status and more.