A faster way to 2FA.

Pre-built with multi-channel failover. No experience required.

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Verification as simple as sending an SMS.

Focus on faster app development and let us take care of onboarding and authentication. Use a single API with ready-made logic to build and test PIN generation, delivery, and failover for more intelligent onboarding and authentication.

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We need to verify a phone number
curl -X "POST" "https://api.nexmo.com/verify/json" \
-d "api_key=NEXMO_API_KEY" \
-d "api_secret=NEXMO_API_SECRET" \
-d "number=14155550100" \
-d "brand=MyApp" \
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Businesses Using Nexmo

Get smarter fail-safe, reliable delivery, and tailor-made messaging.

Intelligent Failover

Automatically resend PIN codes via voice (TTS) to customers through one API request without additional code.


Ensure optimum delivery by proactively re-routing messages around congestion—like GPS for your SMS.


Pay only for successful verifications, regardless of where users are based.
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Per-conversion billing across the globe.

Verify a number for $0.0350 per successful verification.

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