Elastic Sip Trunking

Make and receive voice calls from the cloud using your existing VoIP infrastructure.

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Whether you’re already a global business or need a communications provider to help you get there, Nexmo makes it easy to connect your existing voice infrastructure in minutes to our voice network.
Skip the manual and lengthy process from traditional providers
Keep your existing SIP infrastructure, instantly provision your trunks and switch to our cloud in no time.
Nexmo’s platform already supports many customers with IP PBXes from all major vendors.
Can’t find the PBX vendor you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll get on it right away.
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Highest Quality Voice
The Nexmo platform is integrated with Vonage’s tier 1 carrier-grade network, which terminates 15 billion minutes of global voice traffic annually.
Lowest Latency
With our automatic location based routing (ALBR), calls are routed to the closest gateway increasing call quality and significantly lowering latency without requiring any configuration.
Rapid Voice Innovation
Easily innovate with the Nexmo Voice API. Your voice applications can call SIP endpoints to set up conferences, set up proxy calls, record audio and more — with only a few lines of code.
Global Reach
Reach any phone in the world with our global infrastructure and intelligent media routing. In addition, we offer local and toll free numbers in 85 countries so that your business can have a local identity in more destinations, including traditionally difficult to reach countries.
Compared to traditional per-minute or per channel billing your savings can be significant.
Unlimited Capacity
Nexmo SIP trunks provide unlimited concurrent call capacity so you don’t need to worry about provisioning and paying for peak capacity. Our trunks scale up and down in the cloud based on your needs.
Cost Savings
With true per-second billing in most countries, you pay only for the time you use. In addition, calls from a Nexmo virtual number that are forwarded to a SIP endpoint are free.
Get Started
Learn how to forward inbound and send outbound voice calls using Nexmo SIP.
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