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Elevate customer experiences with the WhatsApp Business API

Send notifications, customer service messages and essential information your customers need on WhatsApp.

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Easily send WhatsApp messages via Nexmo. Our APIs hide the complexity of hosting and scaling WhatsApp software so that you can focus on elevating customer experiences.

Want to optimize your messaging strategy to have a higher rate of delivery? Use Nexmo to send WhatsApp messages – with built-in failover to SMS.

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Take your WhatsApp messages to the Nexmo level.

Simple Integration

Easily send WhatsApp messages without having to manage hosting, scaling or constant software updates.

Chat Security

Sensitive information is secure with WhatsApp end-to-end encryption from Nexmo to a mobile device.

Higher Delivery Rates

Optimize delivery rates with failover capabilities to SMS and gain real-time insights with callbacks.

Competitive pricing across the globe.

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