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Engage in real time

Discover the power of real time engagement. Integrate our API and chat with your customers using Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and other world-leading chat apps.

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Expand engagement

  • Reach over 3 billion users

    Get access to over 3 billion users using their favorite chat app across the most exciting global markets.

  • Connect globally with one API

    Access users on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and other leading apps with the Nexmo Chat App API. Talk to us for the full list.

  • Build in-chat experiences

    Use rich communication elements, be responsive, send notifications.

Send and receive messages

Send and receive text, image, video, and audio messages.

Send rich notifications

Send delightful, well-formatted notifications.

Gain subscriber insight

Keep track of who is opted in to receive messages from you.

Enrich user profiles

Enhance user profiles with user name, profile image and demographics data, such as gender and location.

Gain engagement data

Build reports and dashboards with user engagement analytics data.

Manage chat app accounts

Add, remove, or update chat app connections.


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