Voice Quality Engine

High Quality, Programmable Voice

Build high quality voice applications in the cloud

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Voice infrastructure you can trust with your business critical applications

We’ve built an engine that contains the critical components to deliver the best calling experience for your applications, including our own carrier grade network, global connectivity to tier 1 carriers, and all the key features required to deliver a next level user experience.
The Vonage Network
To deliver a superior voice experience, our infrastructure is supported by a redundant ring architecture of 25 points-of-presence and 10 data centers throughout the USA. In addition, because we are a carrier we have direct peering connections to all major carriers in the USA, eliminating intermediaries and improving voice quality further.
Built for Scale
We terminate over 15 billion minutes of global voice traffic annually to landline and mobile phones, which means our voice network will scale to give your application the capacity and high availability you expect from a leading voice platform.
Global Connectivity
Our platform is connected directly to tier 1 network providers all over the globe. Not only does this mean we’re using high quality voice circuits, but this also eliminates the number of hops to deliver international calls, improving the overall voice experience for your end users.
High Quality, Globally
We’re using high quality voice circuits to deliver your calls with high Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) and Answer-Seizure Ratios (ASR), especially important when delivering latency sensitive use cases such as voice anonymization.
Feature Rich Voice Connectivity
In order to deliver quality voice applications that engage end users, you need a platform that supports feature rich voice connections, including support for Caller Line Identity (CLI) and DTMF.
Caller Line Identity (CLI) allows end-users to see who is calling, and in particular whether the caller is domestic or international. With our support for CLI and local numbers in more countries, you can engage users with a familiar calling experience. In addition, with our support for DTMF, you can deploy applications that require customers to interact with the keypad, such as IVR or conferencing.
Use Cases
Voice Quality in Action
Our customers rely on Nexmo to deliver great user experiences across an assortment of use cases.
Voice Broadcast
Reach customers with marketing or other broadcast messages with outbound phone calls and optional IVR feedback.
How it works
Call Tracking
Track call metadata for lead generation and marketing campaigns.
How it works
Private Voice Communication
Connect users by phone without disclosing their phone numbers to improve privacy and avoid off-platform transactions.
How it works