Short Codes

Short codes with less code.

Launch campaigns fast with short, memorable numbers—whenever and however you need them.

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Your shared short code is waiting.
Our pre-approved message templates and codes get you going without a hitch. Plus, we help you save even more time and money by managing opt-outs for you.
  • Pre-approval ensures templates are compliant
  • Pre-approved codes expedite carrier approval
  • Programmatically manage onboarding opt-ins via API
  • Opt-outs automatically removed on your behalf
Dedicated codes when you need them.
We work directly with you to procure unique short codes. With a recognizable sender ID, you’ll be distinguished in the marketplace—and increase your speed to market.
  • Create custom codes that delight your customers
  • Maximize volume throughput
  • Increase message readability
And when networks don’t allow specific short codes, we’ll automatically map to a long virtual number to ensure your message gets delivered.

Get started with short codes.

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