Messaging Quality Engine

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A powerful quality engine that solves message deliverability

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Consistently Deliver Messages to 1,600 Networks in 225 Countries
Sending messages is easy. Delivering them rapidly and consistently across the globe is more difficult. We have assembled an array of technologies to raise the bar on messaging quality, regardless of where your users are.
Direct-To-Carrier Network
We’ve built a Message Quality Engine that when coupled with our direct-to-carrier network infrastructure, delivers messages with the lowest latency most consistently.
Always Adapting, Always Improving
In order to optimize deliverability to thousands of networks around the globe, a platform needs to gather continuous feedback from customers who send large amounts of messages to a broad set of countries. Because we handle the messaging traffic from the world’s largest chat applications, we are uniquely positioned to optimize deliverability for the rest of our customers.
Quality Optimization
Our patented Adaptive Routing algorithm can measure real-time deliverability and automatically route messages to the best performing route. We process more than 60 million data points per month giving us real-time insight to the best performing routes all over the globe, resulting in the highest possible delivery with the lowest possible latency.
The consistency of low latency and high deliverability over time is what sets us apart. We’ve found a way to reduce the volatility of deliverability, regardless of where on the planet your end users may be. Our Messaging Quality Engine delivers a conversion rate that is so consistent, it typically varies by less than 0.03% in any given 12 month period!
Outage Detection
We’re able to circumvent outages by detecting degradation of quality early and moving your traffic to the next best route, preventing service outages altogether.
Intelligent Message Delivery
Managing your identity and content is important when sending messages. End-users need a consistent and contextual experience and expect a rich character set within their messages, whether it’s full language support or expressing feelings via emojis.
Persistent Sender
Within a messaging conversation, we’ll deliver your messages using the same sender ID, giving your end-user context during the entire dialogue.
Local Number Match
To enable a more familiar user experience and increase end-user engagement, the Nexmo platform can automatically send from a local pool of phone numbers for each destination.
Advanced Content Delivery
Our platform automatically filters and selects the best performing gateway that supports unicode, delivering your messages with international symbols and emojis.
Use Cases
Messaging Quality in Action
Our customers rely on Nexmo to deliver great user experiences across an assortment of use cases.
Private SMS Communication
Connect your users via text message privately.
How it works
Mobile App Promotion
Invite website visitors to download your app by requesting a link to the app store via SMS.
How it works
SMS Customer Support
Enable your mobile customers to open support tickets and engage via SMS
How it works