HelpSocial & Nexmo: Powering Intelligent SMS & Social Chat Messaging for Customer Care






  • eCommerce/Retail
  • Hospitality/Travel/Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services/Insurance

    Areas of Focus

  • Customer 360
  • Customer Engagement
  • Call Center
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration/Comms
  • Support

About HelpSocial

HelpSocial is the #1 platform for integrating and automating digital in the contact center. We provide AI-powered engagement applications that bring social messaging conversations into the UI of contact center systems and offer an open API for bots.
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How We Work with Nexmo

HelpSocial provides 2 primary services with Nexmo:

1) Contact center integration. Customers that want 2-way digital conversations (SMS, WhatsApp, etc) built into the agent interface of the contact center system can use HelpSocial's integratable conversation app to bring Nexmo messages into the contact center with very little (if any) development work. We are pre-integrated with Genesys PureCloud and NICE inContact CXone.

2) AI message processing for bots, routing and other automation systems. Our natural language processing and machine learning systems analyze every inbound message from Nexmo and add meta data showing the message intent, sentiment and conversation topic (topic - as defined by the customer). Our system also adds relevant contextual customer info from integrated CRMs based on the message intent. This is available from an open API that turns each simple inbound message into an enriched, actionable message ready for immediate response from a system or agent.

Let’s build something great together.

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