Introducing the NCCO Examples Collection

Introducing the NCCO Examples Collection

Published October 25, 2019 by Lorna Mitchell

At Nexmo, we take our (award-winning) developer documentation very seriously. You will find detailed API reference, lots of code samples, high-level concept explanations… Everything you’d expect. However, we don’t want to take ourselves or our products too seriously, which is why we shared our NCCO examples collection.

The NCCO examples collection is a place for you to go to explore for one-off, potentially silly(!) examples to use in your Nexmo Voice API applications. NCCO stands for “Nexmo Call Control Object” – an NCCO is a set of instructions that a voice call will follow, such as “start a recording”, “speak a greeting to the user”, “ask the user to press a number on the keypad” and so on. In the NCCO examples collection, we keep the example code we use ourselves.

You’ll find tricks like:

  • connecting an incoming phone call to an outgoing one
  • changing the voice used to speak to the caller
  • using SSML to add some feeling to the spoken message

Best of all, the collection is all in a GitHub project so you can work with it directly, and of course patches are more than welcome! The rules are: there are no rules, add your examples and the sillier the better!

If this sounds like fun then you might also want to join us in person at the upcoming Vonage Campus event where you can get a hands-on tutorial on the Voice API and try some of the NCCO examples out in your own applications.

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