Nexmo Attends Grace Hopper Celebration 2019

Published September 30, 2019 by Lauren Lee

The Nexmo DevRel team is beyond excited to attend Grace Hopper this year!

The annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is just around the corner. October 1-4, attendees will flood the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL to listen to keynote speakers, attend informative panels, and network with one another to build relationships and learn from one another.

With over 20K women in attendance from 81 countries and all walks of life, this truly is the largest gathering of women and gender diverse technologists, and supporters of women in digital, on the planet 🌎

Lauren Lee and Amanda Folson will be attending and they are eager to build a community with attendees and speakers alike.

lauren leeLauren is a career transitioner passionate about amplifying the stories of folks who have taken unconventional paths to tech. Have you come to tech in a unique manner? Reach out to her before or during the celebration on Twitter at @LoLoCoding

Amanda FolsonAmanda is a Developer Relations manager and is curious to connect with folks in management roles. She’d love to connect at the celebration to swap stories, strategies, and learning moments from others in technical management positions.

Have you used Nexmo APIs and built something you’d like to share? Talk to Lauren or Amanda about submitting a tutorial to our Developer Spotlight. We’d love nothing more than to publish some great posts from people we meet at Grace Hopper!

Find Us @ The Charging Station ⚡️💡🔌⚡️💡🔌⚡️💡🔌⚡️💡🔌⚡️

Need a moment to power up? We’ve got your back! You’ll find Nexmo charging stations across the Convention Center.

We are excited to invite attendees to connect with Lauren and Amanda at these Nexmo charging stations throughout the celebration. They’ll be there, happy to help you power up and give you Nexmo stickers!

Curious to learn more about Nexmo, the Vonage API? Create a Nexmo account and sign up for free today!

Submit to our Developer Spotlight program to teach others, grow as a writer, and help us build the next go-to destination for developers in search of high-quality technical content and inspiring development stories.

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