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Announcing the Vonage Campus Developer Track

Published September 11, 2019 by Martyn Davies

Our first developer conference, Vonage Campus, is taking place in San Francisco on October 29-30 and we’re excited to share the final agenda for this special code-on-screen event where we’ll be digging deep into all the tools and APIs you need to create engaging customer journeys through conversation.

The event is free, so if you want to join us don’t wait. Register and get your ticket now.

What’s On The Schedule?

Over two packed days, we’ve got over 16 in-depth sessions taking place.

Day 1

Tuesday October 29th (Day 1) is workshops day and we’ll be running parallel sessions for you to get hands-on with our technologies.

Messages and Dispatch

Getting Started With Messages and Dispatch

In this workshop, we’re going to learn how to communicate with customers over their preferred channels. We will start with an overview of Nexmo messaging concepts and learn how to use the SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp integrations, going into specifics for each platform and what purposes they are most suited for.


Building Communications Workflows With Node-RED

With NodeRED there is no ‘code’ to write; you simply drag in and wire up a set of pre-built blocks to create your workflow. We will show you how to create a basic IVR, forward calls, and capture recordings from callers as well as trigger outbound calls and notification messages.

Voice API

Getting Started With the Voice API

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the Voice API, teaching you to build an application to answer a voice call, interact with your user, and direct them to the right human for that meaningful conversation. We’ll talk about accepting input from users, recording calls to protect both you and them, and give advice on building applications for voice interaction.

Voice API

Using Nexmo Voice Websockets With IBM Watson

In this workshop, we’re going to learn how to create a virtual rapporteur. A digital assistant who can join any conference call, record it, and then by using IBM Watson provide participants with a real-time transcript and insights into the overall tone of the call. All pushed to their browser via WebSockets.

Nexmo Client SDK

Building Voice-Enabled Websites Using Nexmo Client SDK

We’ll walk through how you can make a phone call from a web browser to a phone with Nexmo In-App Voice using the Nexmo Client SDK for JavaScript. The Nexmo Client SDK is in the Early Access stage, so we’d love your feedback on both the development experience that you have and on the functionality that’s provided.


Adding Programmable Voice & Video Using the OpenTok API

You’ll learn how to add programmable voice and video to a web application using the OpenTok API. Using the OpenTok API, you will also be able to add screen sharing archiving (recording), and connecting to PSTN participants by integrating with Nexmo SIP Connect.

Day 2

Wednesday October 30th (Day 2) we continue with our code-on-screen looks at our latest technologies and methodologies, including:


Building a Recording Service for Real-Time Video Communications at Global Scale

There are a lot of challenges beneath the scenes that we at Vonage Video Engineering face and solve in order to provide the service at Global Scale and at the Best Quality in Real-Time. This talk will provide a glimpse inside the magical backend and the challenges of building and scaling a Multi-Datacenter, Real-Time Video Recording Service.


Using Open API Descriptions to Power Up Your API Workflow

Have you noticed how many of your favourite API providers are offering their specs in OpenAPI format now? This session will introduce you to OpenAPI and why API providers are increasingly offering it to their users to enable adoption and make integrations easier.

There will also be a special introduction to one of our new APIs on this day as well.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you want to make sure you’re there, register for your ticket and we’ll look forward to meeting you come October 29th!

Keynotes and Special Guests

We’re not going to blast you with code and cool demos the entire time. As well as all the excellent caterers, we’ve also invited some very special keynote speakers to join us on both days.

Day 1 – Ken Jennings

Ken JenningsOur closing keynote on the first day comes from computer scientist, best-selling author, TED speaker, and all-time Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings.

In 2011, millions watched as Ken battled Watson on Jeopardy! introducing the world to artificial intelligence and the IBM computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language.

Day 2 – Duncan Milner

Duncan MilnerAn Emmy Award winner, Duncan spent 15 years working closely with Steve Jobs and helped to launch Apple’s most iconic products including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. He’s the creative leader behind the Mac vs PC TV commercials which Adweek named Campaign of the Decade.

In 2015, he was named to Fast Company’s Creative 50. Duncan was most recently the global creative president at TBWA Worldwide and the global creative leader for Media Arts Lab.


We also have one more keynote speaker still to announce, but right now we’re keeping it a secret. Keep an eye on the @nexmodev Twitter account for updates on who else will be making our second day complete.

Join Us! You Can Register Today

We’re keeping spaces for both days limited so that those of you that join us have as much opportunity to get hands on and engage with our team as possible. This also means that tickets will disappear fast.

Register for your free ticket now!

If you can make it to San Francisco on October 29th and 30th we’d love for you to join us as we share insight into our latest technologies and help you to create engaging customer journeys and experiences through conversation.

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