Combine In-App Voice and In-App Messaging to Build an Omnichannel Contact Center

Published June 24, 2019 by Britt Barak

Nexmo’s various communication APIs and SDKs allow you to provide a wonderful and rich communication experience for your users.

If you are one of the numerous companies who wish to provide an excellent and customizable contact center application, Nexmo has all the tools you need to build that!

Nexmo Client SDKs allow you to build an in-app communication experience for web (Javascript), Android, and iOS applications.

Starting with in-app voice and in-app messaging, one SDK allows you to easily build your own omnichannel solution. You may build a full application from scratch or integrate individual pieces to enrich the contact center solution you already have. Nexmo programmable conversation capabilities allow:

In App Voice

Nexmo Client SDK allows you to make and receive phone or in-app calls. Nexmo supports webRTC based calls, as well as PSTN and SIP. Behind the scenes, the SDK integrates with Nexmo Voice API, so that you can utilize all its capabilities, and bring a rich voice experience into your application.

In App Messaging

Nexmo Client SDKs also allow you to add in-app messages to your application. You can build an ultimate chat experience, including various features such as text messages, images, typing indicators, sent/receive confirmations and more!

Conversation Context

Voice, messaging and all of Nexmo communication events are implemented on top of Conversation API. That means that all communication is done over a Conversation. That allows you to maintain the communication context of your users, for any communication channel. All of the Conversations and the Events are accessible for you to utilize, through Conversation API.

This Is Only The Beginning

We are working to add more communication channels to enrich your contact center applications. SMS, video, social channels and more will soon be integrated into a Conversation so that the smart omnichannel contact center gets smarter and more robust.

Get started now

To help you get started with building your own contact center application, check out the following guide, that provides you a set of demo apps and tools to get started.

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