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Welcome Ben Greenberg to the Developer Relations Team

Published January 15, 2019 by Ben Greenberg

Hello! I’m Ben Greenberg and I am delighted to be joining the Developer Relations team at Nexmo. My work at Nexmo is primarily focused on developer experience (i.e. our Nexmo Developer Platform) and on supporting the Ruby community. It is a real pleasure to be here!

I am a second career developer who came to software development after about a decade working in community organizing, adult education and non-profit management. My previous career afforded me with diverse experiences, from serving the campus community at Harvard to organizing for gun control in Chicago. Throughout those years I learned invaluable lessons on community building and weaving networks of people together for a common good. I am excited about applying those ideas to my work here at Nexmo. Before joining Nexmo, I worked as a full stack developer at a publicly traded financial services company based in New York.

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family and enjoy the myriad parks and walking trails in my neighborhood in central Israel. If I am not enjoying my neighborhood, then I am probably playing with code or writing a blog post, whether small personal projects like The Gender Pronoun Highlighter or blogging on

If you want to talk about the Nexmo developer experience or the Ruby community please feel free to connect on the Nexmo Community Slack or on Twitter, and if you find yourself in Tel Aviv, I’d be glad to meet over coffee at the Vonage R&D Center in the center of the city.

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