Nexmo Welcomes Mark Lewin to the Developer Relations Team

Published December 06, 2018 by Mark Lewin

Hi, I’m Mark Lewin, and I joined the Developer Relations team here at Nexmo as a technical writer back in September.

I’ve been in the IT industry for more years than I care to admit and during that time have worked in a number of roles. I started as a software developer and moved into pre-sales and then training. Being sometimes called upon to deliver some genuinely terrible training materials I set about rewriting them and soon discovered that I enjoyed writing about code as much as I enjoyed writing the code itself.

When my day job didn’t scratch the itch to write, I wrote regardless and published several books and training courses about things that interested me. These included JavaScript, Golang and, in particular, web mapping APIs such as Leaflet.js and the Google Maps API.

As a result, I have spent many hours poring over API docs trying to get APIs to do my bidding. Some were great; others were next to useless. So it’s great to be part of a company that takes their documentation, and indeed the whole developer experience, so seriously. It’s a perfect role for me: I get to play with APIs and then write about them. What could be better?

Even so, I like to get away from the keyboard now and again. That usually involves treading the boards with my local amateur dramatics group, and I’m currently rehearsing for our latest pantomime (oh yes I am!) Or you’ll find my kids and I rambling along paths and trails on the Northants/Oxon borders here in the UK, GPS units in hand, on the hunt for geocaches.

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