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Manik Joins the Nexmo Developer Relations Team

Published November 07, 2018 by Manik Sachdeva

Hey everyone, I’m Manik and I’m happy to say that I’ve joined the Developer Relations team at Nexmo as a Developer Advocate! I’m extremely excited to be a part of a team that’s focused on building a community around communication APIs.

As I join the Nexmo team, I will continue to work on TokBox’s OpenTok platform which was recently acquired by Vonage. As a Developer Advocate, I will continue working on open source projects, creating technical content, and participating in developer events. In doing so, I hope to improve the developer journey and our APIs as a whole.  

In the past, I’ve worked as a software engineer and as a growth engineer where I focused on building web and mobile applications. I like to work with different tools and technologies so you’ll find me to building and committing to all sorts of projects!

I’m based out of San Francisco and I hope to meet you at an event, but in the meantime, you can also find me Twitter and LinkedIn.


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