Tony has joined the Developer Relations Team

Published July 11, 2018 by Tony Bedford

Hi I’m Tony, and I joined the Developer Relations Team as a technical writer way back in March of this year.

I’ve spent the major part of my career as a technical writer, but have also worked as a developer (writing device drivers and C libraries) and as a technical trainer. I’ve worked on a wide variety of software over the years, including operating systems, database software, and Enterprise Content Management systems.

I’ve worked in the open source world for a long time too, where I have contributed both code and documentation. I worked on the PHP documentation team (MySQL extension docs) and was also a member of the MySQL documentation team, working mostly on MySQL Connector documentation.

My job at Nexmo is to make sure developers get the best experience possible when using our documentation.

I’m based in my home office in the UK, but like to escape to the Philippines from time to time, where you will probably find me diving wrecks or climbing live volcanoes.

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