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Steve is Joining the Developer Relations Team!

Published May 02, 2018 by Steve Crow

Steve wearing a paper crown and cape made out of a hoodie.

Hi! I’m Steve Crow, and I’m happy to be joining the Developer Relations team at Nexmo! I’m a self-proclaimed Mathlete, and King of Snark. I’m also a lover of Greyhounds, twisty puzzles, and European Board Games.

I started my programming career doing full-stack Enterprise Java and COBOL, yes that COBOL, for a Fortune 500 insurance company. After relocating to Ohio, I entered the world of PHP. It wasn’t long until Java came knocking on my door again, and it’s here to stay a solid part of my life.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games, solving puzzles, talking about math to non-math people, and talking about Java to everybody!

My responsibilities at Nexmo include working on the Java library, hacking on code, and helping you have a wonderful experience using Nexmo products and services!

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