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Day Three Recap: Nexmo @RWDevCon 2018

Published April 16, 2018 by Eric Giannini

On the final day of Ray Wenderlich’s RWDevCon 2018: The Tutorial Conference, held on 5 – 7 April. iOS developers tackled important issues like what the next best Swift emoji would be, deciding ultimately to incarnate the RWDevCon Swift bird to the designation of :swifty:.

swifty - RWDevCon Swift bird
Swifty – RWDevCon Swift bird

But as fun as those subjects were, they were overshadowed by the great technical content on the event’s last day.

Final Day Workshops

Among the workshops on Day 3 was Lea Marolt Sonnenschein who presented a novel solution to a recurring problem arising from implementing interactive UITableViews and UITableViewCells. The problem is that every time a cell is tapped to transition from a table view to become view, the cell has to be duplicated, unless a solution is contrived. Her solution, which eliminates a great deal of the boilerplate associated with duplicative code, is to use generics! As opposed to creating cell classes as specifically derivative of UITableViewCell, she creates her cell class so that it derives from UIView generically. Thus the view easily adopts the properties or methods of a less narrowly defined view class so that it can be presented outside of table view.

Others notable talks were:

  • 10: Improving App Quality with TDD
  • 11: Advanced WKWebView
  • 12: Clean Architecture on Android
  • 13: Getting Started with ARKit
  • 14: Custom Views
  • 15: App Development Workflow
  • 16: Integrating Metal Shaders with SceneKit
  • 17: Xcode Tips & Tricks
  • 18: Advanced Unidirectional Architecture

These sessions were followed by a workshop by David Okun on Swift full stack development with IBM Kitura and a Firebase codelab by the iOS developer Jen Person, who recently launched a Udacity Course dedicated to learning the platform.

Inspiration from Words Spoken and Written

After the last workshop, we were treated to inspirational talks:

  • Brandon Satrom – “RWConnect Open Spaces Introduction”
  • Daniel Steinberg – “The Game of Life”
  • Cate Huston – “Successfully Derailed Product”
  • Andrei Freeman – “Embracing the Different”
  • James Dempsey – “The Dark Side”
  • Phillip Shoemaker – “Lessons from the App Store”

Following the inspirational talks, RWConnect commenced a Closing Reception. Together with the leaders of the Swift Algorithm Club Kelvin Lau and Vincent Ngo, who taught a workshop on linked lists during the Pre-Conference Workshop Day, Ray Wenderlich himself announced the publication of a brand new book called Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift ?! Each attendee received a free copy of the book. Here is a recent review of the book.

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