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Day Two Recap: Nexmo @RWDevCon 2018

Published April 11, 2018 by Eric Giannini

Following the Pre-Conference Workshop Day on April 5 at Ray Wenderlich’s RWDevCon 2018: The Tutorial Conference, April 6 brought the first full conference day. Several iOS developers began a series of talks dedicated to iOS, Swift, and Xcode. Here are some highlights from Day 2.

Serialization and Layout

Ray Fix opened the series with a treatment of serialization in the latest version of Swift, a perennial topic ever since Apple released the brand new Codable protocol during WWDC last year.

Whereas other talks from the likes of Chris Bailey on “Codable and Fullstack Swift” and from @swiftcloudshop or Ian Partridge on Understanding Codable at #ioscon, Ray Fix’s focused on serialization as container management, discussing first proposals SE-0166 Swift Archival & Serialization and SE-0167 Swift Encoders. Central to container management is CodingKeys where handling errors, polymorphic collections or inheritance often requires overriding Codable methods or making a call to a superContainer from a subclass.

In her talk on Auto Layout, Gemma Barlow from Etsy explained how Interface Builder, UIStackViews, Safe Area Layout Guide and Dynamic Type form the basis for observing the available means of layouts such as NSLayoutConstraint, Visual Format Language, NSLayoutAnchor, or a third-party SDK. She demonstrated these availabilities with snakes and ladders:

Sometimes, however, no matter how simple, a layout must pause for an interpretative dance:

Error Message Interactive Dance
Error Message Interactive Dance

Make Room for Android

While iOS figured prominently in the series of talks, Android nonetheless debuted. In a talk entitled Android for iOS Developers, Christine Abernathy introduced Android studio, Android layouts (i.e., Views), and Android activities (i.e., controllers) in terms of Swift. She compared and contrasted the primary differences between Android’s recycler view and iOS UITableView, the two names for a basic CRUD. In addition to the basic CRUD, she also compared and contrasted Alamofire and Retrofit.

Here is a full list of the talks on Day Two:

  1. Living Style Guides
  2. Swift 4 Serialization
  3. Architecting Modules
  4. Building a Video Player App
  5. Auto Layout Best Practices
  6. Clean Architecture on iOS
  7. Android for iOS Developers
  8. The Art of the Chart
  9. Spring Cleaning Your App

In the evening, the event turned to leisure at the Carlyle Club, an old-school supper club right across the street from the hotel. James Dempsey & the Conditional Breakpoints gave an especially functor performance, touching on a myriad of Swift, iOS, and Xcode in song.

Their chosen topics were Auto Layout, stack traces, breakpoints, view controllers, designated initializers, optionals and any especially Swift feature of the Swift language!

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