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Day One Recap: Nexmo @RWDevCon 2018

Published April 06, 2018 by Eric Giannini

Ray Wenderlich’s “RWDevCon 2018: The Tutorial Conference”, held on 5 – 7 April, marks the fourth year in a row that the event has sold out. This year’s RWDevCon offered a set of interactive workshops, one dedicated to Swift Algorithms and another to Machine Learning with CoreML. Here’s a recap of our first day at the conference.

Day One: Nexmo @RWDevCon 2018

Kelvin Lau and Vincent Ngo led the Swift Algorithms workshop where attendees construct their own collection type, exploring the semantics, performance, and expectations for each Swift collection protocol. In the second half of the workshop, Lau and Ngo introduced different ways to implement this knowledge.

Their workshop on the collection protocol put the pedagogy of teaching higher order functions like .map(), .filter(), and .reduce() within a protocol-oriented prospective, providing a powerful pneumonic and instructional device for comprehending these concepts together. Lau and Ngo furthered this approach in their treatment of BidirectionalCollection to MutableCollection where the pedagogical theme of teaching the higher order functions through their protocols continued to .swapAt(_:), .sort(), .subscript[].

Their presentation was supplemented by a slide deck, a workbook, and code samples. All in all, their workshop on collection protocols gave a complete introduction to linked lists.

Shortly after the first set of workshops, patrons, sponsors, and Ray Wenderlich’s team members boarded the Cherry Blossom riverboat for a cruise in the Potomac waterways of D.C.

In the latter half of the day, two workshops preceded a two-hour-long reception. During the reception, IBM, which specializes in Kitura, a free and open-source web framework written in Swift, presented “the most relevant statistics in our fields of deep expertise” on how happy people are in their usage of Swift. David Okun from the IBM Kitura team presented the following graph:

In an exhibition of the unending exuberance surrounding the Swift language, the @AccordionGuy debuted a song or two right next to the @NexmoDev booth:

Stay tuned for more show reports.

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