DevRel Week in Lisbon

Published February 02, 2018 by Rabeb Othmani

Our Devrel team is a remote first team. We are geographically located in 3 countries, 9 cities over 2 continents and we cover a fair few time zones. We pride ourselves on being a diverse team from different backgrounds. We speak at least 10 languages between us, and I’m not even talking about Python, JS or C# ;).

That is why, twice a year, we gather together as a team somewhere in the world for a week of learning, bonding, and lots of shenanigans. For our first DevRel week of 2018, we went to Lisbon courtesy of our awesome teammate Olia who organises the best DevRel Weeks ever! The aim is for us to look back at the previous year, what we learnt, and what we achieved. We then plan for the new year.

So our DevRel week was planned as the following:

  • Day 1 : Travel day for the team to get together in Lisbon
  • Day 2 : Sessions
  • Day 3 : Team building
  • Day 4 : Sessions
  • Day 5 : Travel back to our homes

The first day of sessions was about the company goals for 2018 and how the team initiatives will serve these goals. In order to achieve these goals and for a healthier work strategy, we opted for a 2017 retrospective as well, then we went through the initiatives.

First, we had overview sessions about each initiative and then more in-depth sessions in which we discussed the initiatives. These sessions were led by the initiatives owners. Each initiative is owned by a different DevRel team member who has worked with the rest of the team to define the goals, deliverables, and measurements of success for that initiative.

The second day was an opportunity for us to spend time and do activities together, to learn more about each other on a more personal level and consolidate the friendships we have. What’s better than being stuck on a boat with your teammates for that? 😉

We may have had a fairly relaxing morning sailing but we had to work hard for our dinner. We made our own dinner—we had a cooking class. As a remote team, we don’t always get the chance to work together, at least not face to face. The cooking class was an amazing time for us to work together and make a yummy dinner.

The third day was focused around Nexmo Developer, community, events, conferences, and how to write CFPs. It was an opportunity to brainstorm on how we can best serve the community and share our knowledge.

We also went through the top four solvable team pain points and ways to improve our tools and processes, because a happy team means great results.

Overall, we had an amazing few days together as a team, learned lots of new things, and we can’t wait to share the amazing initiatives we have this year with you. If you’d like to hear more from us, make sure to follow @NexmoDev on Twitter.

Also, we are hiring. Just saying. We would love to see you applying for the internship or technical writer positions we have open right now.

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