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Published September 14, 2017 by Phil Leggetter

Today, we have launched a new Twitter profile, @NexmoDev. This account differs from our @Nexmo account in that it is focused purely on sharing news and updates for developers and will be curated by the Nexmo Developer Relations team. The @Nexmo account will focus on the business side of Nexmo and the wider Cloud Communications space.

So, if you are a developer please do for updates, ideas and news on communications APIs, libraries, SDKs, developer tools and anything else useful fun and interesting that the Nexmo Developer Relations team believes worthy of a share.

Read on for more information on what to expect from the new @NexmoDev account and what the @Nexmo account will now be focusing on and why we’ve created the @NexmoDev account.

What to Expect from @NexmoDev

The @NexmoDev account will be purely focused on developer news, ideas, and updates.

We will, of course, share product updates such as new APIs and features, SDK and library updates and new tooling that we’ve provided to help your development workflow.

The @NexmoDev account is curated by the Nexmo Developer Relations team made up of 13 developers. Each team member is unique and we’ll be sharing news that is of interest to the team and we hope this reflects well on the interests of the developer communities that we talk to and represent. As a taster, here’s the team and a snippet of what interests them:

Aaron Bassett
Recovering software engineer turned developer advocate. Hacker, tinkerer, blogger, and LGBTQ+ ally. I make cool stuff, and help other people make *really* cool stuff ?

Adam Butler
Technical lead of @Nexmo Developer – @BristolJS organiser – Ruby & JavaScript Developer – Creative Coder – Hardware Hacker – Photographer – More @

Alex Lakatos
#JavaScript Developer Advocate @nexmo by day, @mozillareps Council and @moztechspeakers by night. I do things for T-Shirts. Might be a coffee snob.

Amanda Folson
Developer Relations Manager by day, jazz funk dancer by night. Based in the Bay Area but you’ll rarely find me there. APIs and IPAs are my lifeblood and PHP is my weapon of choice ?.

Chris Guzman
Developer Advocate. Baltimore transplant in New Orleans, Postcard collector, Ex-sociologist. All things Ruby ? & Android ?

Eric Gianinni
iOS Developer Advocate, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, APIs, SDKs, Real-Time & Communications

Mark Smith
Python & Java Developer Advocate; Inclusion & Diversity; Golang, Dev-Ops & Scalability; Keyboard Hacking & Inline Skating

Michael Heap
Devops + PHP/Node/Golang developer in a former life. Automation, APIs and productivity. Also likes dogs.

Olia Dukova
Community Manager with design background. English, Russian, Spanish and Python. Six years in DevRel. Fond of surfing and snowboarding. Hoping to get a dog (or two) one day.

Phil Leggetter
Developer Advocate / DevRel, JavaScript, Node.JS, APIs, SDKs, Real-Time & Communications and Home Automation wannabe.

Rabeb “Bibi” Othmani
Developer Advocate, .Net, C#, Woman in Tech, Women Who Code Bristol Director, traveller, coffee snob, heels collector, photographer/fashionista wannabe

Sam Machin
Developer Advocate, AWS Fanboy, Post-telco communications hacker, Alexa Champion, spends his days talking to AI bots.

Tom Morris
Technical Writer with a sideline in Python and Django, geolocation, security, data weirdness, APIs, Wikipedia, and philosophical pondering.

What to Expect from @Nexmo

The @Nexmo account will focus on what’s happening in the cloud communications space from a business perspective. It will cover how the shift towards the cloud is changing how businesses communicate with customers, thought leadership pieces from advocates and experts interested in customer engagement, cloud communication, and digital/tech trends.

Why Create a @NexmoDev Twitter Account?

Anybody involved in building a software product will know that you are building that product for different types of people. In product development, we create personas to represent target users and to ensure that they are considered in every relevant decision. Sometimes those personas are very different and it’s not possible to address them all. On websites, you often see an approach where sections of pages are split to reach different personas and start a more focused user journey for the interest of that target user. This is a standard approach that works reasonably well.

Sometimes you can create assets that are clearly for one main persona. Back in June we launched Nexmo Developer, our main resource that enables you, the developer, to get the most out of the Nexmo API Platform. We know that Nexmo Developer is a resource for developers and the decisions we make can be guided by this.

Social is more difficult. Social platforms such as Twitter give you a single point of entry – your profile or landing page – and you are limited in the UI layout and content that you can add to your profile. You often only have a single feed of information to present to new and existing users. This can and is a problem when you are targeting multiple personas who have interests that vary significantly.

We’d love to hear what you think of the introduction of our developer-focused Twitter account. So why not drop @NexmoDev a tweet?

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