Aaron Is Joining the Developer Relations Team!

Published June 08, 2017 by Aaron Bassett

Aaron Bassett talking at DjangoCon Europe 2017

Hey! I’m Aaron. I was born and raised in Ireland but I’ve spent the last 15 years in Glasgow Scotland, which means I talk quickly and in some weird Irish-Scots mishmash accent. A conference transcriber’s nightmare personified.

I’ve been a developer of some description for the last 20 years; working in agencies, freelance, startups, enterprise, and even with the government, but not on any secret spy stuff. Of course if I had worked on any secret spy stuff that is exactly what I would say. I’ve worked in a variety of languages, although these days I’m probably most comfortable with Python and JavaScript.

I’m a big fan of hackathons, even more so when I can combine them with travel. I was part of the team who won the first ever Starter Island, a week long hackathon on a boat in the Bahamas. I’ve also mentored at a lot of hackathons like Social Innovation camp in Kosovo. I’m really looking forward to helping teams integrate Nexmo in their hacks in the near future.

As well as software development I have a passion for electronics, although my enthusiasm can outpace my knowledge. Probably why my home sometimes smells faintly like burning components. I’m a volunteer on a decor crew building an interactive art installation for the Mugstock music festival out of Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and way, waaaay too many flashing LEDs. Thankfully even with me building the electronics if it does catch fire the Scottish weather should prevent it from spreading too far…

At Nexmo I’m going to be working on a little bit of everything; client libraries, blog posts, our new developer centre, and some interesting demos. I’ll also be at different conferences, meetups, and hackathons so we can talk about communication APIs, why I’ve built whatever my latest weird project is (spoiler: I probably don’t know either) or how Ireland was clearly the best 6 nations team even if England did win it again.

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