Welcoming Bibi to the Nexmo Developer Relations Team

Published June 07, 2017 by Rabeb Othmani

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Hola! Five years ago, I’d introduce myself as Rabeb but since I moved to the UK from my homeland Tunisia I’ve been known as Bibi.

I’m super excited to join the Developer Relations Team at Nexmo!

I live in beautiful Bristol where I run Women Who Code-Bristol and hang out at .NET and Mobile meetups or any other meetup as long as they provide pizza.

I’m a software engineer with a heavy background on .NET and Microsoft technologies. I’ve spent my career of six years working on desktop and mobile applications using technologies such as WPF and Xamarin.

For the past three years or so, I was building cross-platform mobile applications with a focus on UX.

I speak mostly C# along with being fluent in three human languages and knowing the basics in another three. But bragging about all of them, as you can tell.

Other than writing code for a living, I advocate to bring more women and minorities into tech, thus my involvement with Women Who Code and different tech communities. I also try to raise my profile of a travel blogger. So far, I raised the profile of lazy blogger.

At Nexmo, I will be building demos, writing tutorials, demonstrating use cases for communication technologies, and capturing your feedback to make sure you are getting the best developer experience when building your awesome apps using Nexmo APIs. All of this while consuming good quality coffee, obviously!

In July, I’ll be speaking at the Birmingham Xamarin and .NET user group. If I don’t see you there, I’m sure I’ll see you in a conference or a hackathon somewhere around the globe!

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