Minting a New JavaScript Developer Advocate – Alex Lakatos

Published June 05, 2017 by Alex Lakatos

Hi, I’m Alex Lakatos, but most people around the world call me “Laka”. I’m the newly minted JavaScript Developer Advocate joining the Developer Relations team at Nexmo. And I’m super excited about that! Before joining I’ve done all things JavaScript for half a dozen companies around Europe, but eventually figured out I liked going to conferences more than I liked going to the office.

I’m a born and bred Romanian who now happens to live in London, in between conferences. I lurk around twitter as @lakatos88, and occasionally make things on GitHub. Oh, and I do things for T-Shirts!

My focus so far has been The Web, everything from vanilla testing to countless libraries, web standards to JavaScript on hardware (I helped launch a JS based OS for phones, that is now long dead and dusted). In my spare time I volunteer at Mozilla, where I’m a Tech Speaker and a Reps Council member.

Moving forward I’m going to focus on much of the same things at Nexmo, with the extra added bonus of picking up a new client-side SDK around conversations that we’re working on. Ask me about it if first chance you get. I’ll also try to follow greatness and shepherd the nexmo-node and nexmo-cli code bases.

In the next month, I’ll be at DevSum in Stockholm and JSPoland in Warsaw. And most likely at the London JavaScript meetup; I help co-organize it. If you bump into me, do say ‘Hi’ and #bearhug!

p.s. The Nexmo Engineering team is hiring Node.JS / JavaScript developer

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