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Tomomi Is Joining Developer Relations Team!

Published August 31, 2016 by Tomomi Imura

Hello World!

Tomomi Imura

Hello, my name is Tomomi, a.k.a. girlie_mac on Twitter and other social media (but girliemac, sans underscore on GitHub and my domain name, girliemac.com). I am very excited to join the Developer Relations team at Nexmo!

I live in foggy San Francisco and have been here since well before the tech Gold Rush. You’ll generally find me at SFHTML5 and JavaScript-related meetups!

I have worked in mobile industry for eight years at various handset manufacturers and related companies. Notably, I was one of the first developers who worked on the iPhone for its 2007 launch whilst I was a lead dev at Yahoo! mobile team. Later, I worked on the user-interface and experience of webOS platform. Despite my hard work, I’m probably best known as a creator of the silly HTTP Status Cats. ?

I was once a member of W3C to advocate web standards for mobile browsers, and I still consider myself as an avid open web & technology advocate, front-end engineer, and creative technologist. I speak mostly JavaScript, and 日本語 (Japanese)! I also love to hack with hardware, and I occasionally give talks about how to play with Arduino and Raspberry Pi using Node.js at conferences and meetups. I even Rockroll people with Amazon Dash button!

At Nexmo, I will be building demos, writing tutorials and demonstrating use cases for communication technologies, as well as helping to provide good developer experience for you to build awesome apps!

In the next few months, you’ll see me at Nordic.js in Stockholm, JS Kongress in Munich, and probably at meetups and events in San Francisco!

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