Win Tickets to Electromagnetic Field 2016

Published July 01, 2016 by Sam Machin

We’re really excited to be a sponsor of EMFCamp in the UK this August.

We have some exciting plans that we don’t want to say too much about just yet but we hope you’ll love the way we’re bringing Nexmo to the event both technically and physically.

EMF Ticket Giveaway

If you’ve been following the build up you’ll know that the event is now sold out and that this is now one of the very few ways you can get a ticket. So we’re very pleased that we’ve got 2 pairs of general tickets up for grabs for the first 2 entries drawn at random* from our virtual hat. For full details of the event please goto the EMF camp wiki

* we use as our source of randomness.

Winners will need to abide by all the rules of the event particularly the code of conduct. You will be responsible for getting yourself to and from the event along with your own accommodation (hint: you’ll probably need a tent ⛺️ and sleeping bag).

We will need to supply the organisers of EMF with a name and email of each attendee so that they can allocate the tickets. We will contact you to arrange this. If you are lucky enough to win and only need one ticket please let us know so we can give the spare to someone else as we really don’t want to see it go to waste!

How to Enter the EMF Ticket Draw

To enter you just need to send an SMS (pick a number in your country to avoid paying international rates!). Lines are open now and will close at 1800 UK Time on Friday the 8th of July with winners notified shortly after that.

To enter send an SMS to one of these numbers, you can put anything you like in the contents of the message be original we will read them ? Only one entry per phone number duplicates will be discarded.

?? 07520 616161?? 086 180 0767?? 06 44 63 00 09?? 0491 771782282?? 06 35250201?? 0460 20 83 30

Don’t see a number for your country? Ask us on twitter and we’ll do our best to add one, Nexmo has great international coverage.

Good luck and see you at Electromagnetic Field 2016!

Image Credit Tom Oinn


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