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Hello World from the Growing Nexmo Developer Relations Team

Published May 03, 2016 by Phil Leggetter

We’ve had a Developer Relations team at Nexmo since day one. The team generally consisted of Tim Lytle, vehemently representing and engaging with developers on the Nexmo platform [@tjlytle: waves], supported by our CEO, CTO, the engineering, marketing and sales teams. In 2016 we are now in the fortunate position to be able to grow a larger dedicated Developer Relations Team.

So, "Hello, World" from the Nexmo DevRel team!

What will Nexmo Developer Relations do?

Our role at Nexmo is to work with our product teams on developer experience, feed developer-focused requirements into the roadmap, update and maintain our libraries, improve the documentation, create demos and tutorials, and act as an interface between you – the developers who use the Nexmo platform – and the rest of the company. This doesn’t mean you won’t see the rest of the company out at events or giving talks at meetups. It’s just we believe it’s important to have a team entirely focused on working with and for developers.

With this in mind we thought it was worth introducing you to the Nexmo Team of Developer Advocates. Please say “hi” and we hope to meet you at an event or chat with you online on Twitter or via GitHub.

Tim Lytle

Tim Lytle

Hey, I’m Tim from Nexmo. That’s an introduction you may have heard before if you’ve been a part of our contests over at DevPost, or at a hackathon with me. If you haven’t, we should really make that happen.

I’ve been a contract developer – some may call me a freelancer, but I prefer the term ‘mercenary’ – for the majority of my professional career. I was thirteen when I built my first application for a client. More recently I’ve focused on building internal APIs and integrating public APIs. To do that I’ve used PHP and a variety of related technologies.

That’s why I’ve spent the last few years as a developer advocate of sorts at Nexmo. APIs are powerful building blocks, enabling small teams – even individuals – to build things in ways not possible before. I love helping developers realize that potential.

Maybe you already follow me on Twitter, or perhaps we’ve met at a Nexmo conference booth in the past. You’ll also find me poking around GitHub, building tutorials, working on the development of our official client libraries (especially the PHP library), and opining on API design as we use the OpenAPI Specification to collaborate on the future of Nexmo’s APIs.

Sam Machin

Sam Machin

My Name is Sam Machin I’m online pretty much everywhere as sammachin, I live just outside Bristol in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

My background is in telecoms and my first job was an an apprentice for Orange working in field ops where I spent my days driving around and climbing cell phone masts! From there I’ve worked on most parts of a mobile network. If you really want to know the inner workings of GSM let me bore you sometime! [@leggetter: it’s actually really interesting]

I’m a self-taught developer and I came to it via a sysadmin background. This is probably one of the reasons my preferred language is Python. I love API’s and understanding how the different building blocks of a system fit together.

I’m also a serial hacker, building crazy demos and prototypes, either competitively at hackathons or just for fun on the weekend. Most recently I’ve been doing a lot of things around the Amazon Alexa API’s including the $10 Amazon Echo.

I’m really looking forward to getting out and talking to people about what they’re building and hopefully helping you to integrate Nexmo in your projects. I’ll also be building and sharing some of my own hacks using Nexmo.

Sid Sharma

Sid Sharma

My name is Sidharth Sharma but I go by Sid! I am a California native, born and raised in the South Bay Area. I have been working at Nexmo since July of 2015. I started out as an intern and now am on the Developer Relations team as a Developer Advocate.

I speak Swift, C#, and JS. I enjoy Mobile Development and my favorite environment to code in is definitely iOS development in Xcode. I also like working with ASP .NET in Visual Studio as well! I am most intrigued by IoT technologies as there is a wide array of real world projects you can create and it is quite interactive to work with.

I will be working on demos, writing blog tutorials, managing the developer hub, and attending & speaking at conferences. Feel free to come say “Hi!” if you ever see me at these conferences. (You might also receive some cool swag!) You can reach me on Twitter & follow me on GitHub.

Phil Leggetter

Phil Leggetter

My name’s Phil Leggetter – I’m the author of this post – and you’ll find me online as leggetter. I live in Dollar, Scotland and often work remotely from my shed.

I’m a software engineer that has found DevRel a great fit for what I enjoy doing: learning new things, creating apps and samples, sharing what I’ve learned and generally helping others build app features. I’ve been a JavaScript developer since 2001, but I’ve also written apps in PHP, C#/.NET, Java, Ruby and Python. My go-to runtime right now is Node, but I’ll generally pick the best language for what I’m trying to build or demonstrate.

My biggest interest is real-time tech such as Socket.IO, SignalR, Faye and a multitude of real-time hosted services. I believe real-time is fundamental in helping us build the types of experiences that all users now expect because they see them every day in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Uber and many, many more.

At Nexmo I’m likely to be focusing on client-side JS, Node and .NET, sharing our DevRel story and I’m also keen to continue talking about real-time web and communications apps. But don’t be surprised if you see me at any event that gives away a good t-shirt.


If you care about developer experience, APIs, communications, innovating, collaborating, helping others and love learning, creating and sharing, then we may have a role for you. Please drop me an email to leggetter@nexmo.com.

See you in the community! The Nexmo DevRel Team devrel@nexmo.com.

p.s. In the next few months you’ll see us at RailConf in Kansas, DevTalks in Cluj, php[tek] in St. Louis, PyCon in Portland and NDC Oslo.


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