Developer Challenge Winner Uses Nexmo Number Insight APIs

Published August 14, 2015 by Tim Lytle

Last month, we challenged developers to build something using our beta Number Insight APIs, Number Insight Standard and Number Insight Basic.

The Number Insight Standard provides information including the national format of a number, the country, carrier, and the international format of the number, so it’s great if you need to transform user-supplied numbers into a usable state. The Number Insight Standard beta also delivers the response right away, not in a callback, making it perfect for real-time validation of user input.

If you just need to determine the national and international format of a number, the Number Insight Basic beta provides that subset of information. Because no carrier information is provided, this only validates that the number is formatted properly. This can be very useful, especially if you’re using our other APIs.

So what did our developers build?

The winning project from the July contest is an Android app that helps you manage your mobile minutes. In the United States, mobile plans vary quite a bit. Depending on your mobile carrier and monthly plan, there may be times when you can call any number for free, and other times when the calls to numbers on your carrier are free. If you want to preserve your plan minutes, knowing which carrier you’re calling – or being called by – is important.


That where Adarsh Upulla’s app Nexcall helps. Using Number Insight Standard, Nexcall checks the carrier of any inbound or outbound call, and notifies you if it matches your carrier. If it doesn’t, Nexcall attempts to let you know when the call will be free, based on the known plans of your carrier.

The runner-up in our July contest is a missed call geolocation app built by Ahmed Bhaila. Combining a background Android app and a web app, he relayed missed calls to Number Insight Standard, then plotted them by country on a global map. The web app also lets you send a quick SMS to those numbers using Nexmo’s SMS API.

Both Adarsh and Ahmed won an Amazon Echo, and who knows, we might see some Nexmo powered Echo apps in a few weeks!

If you like the sound of winning great prizes for building interesting things with an API, check out our latest contest. We partnered with Concur, an SAP company, to challenge developers to use the Nexmo and Concur APIs to build a time and money-saving tool for travelers.

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