Announcing the Nexmo Numbers (CRM Edition) Contest Winner

Published April 17, 2015 by Tim Lytle

A few weeks ago, we launched a series of developer contests on Challenge Post focused on integrating our two number APIs, Verify and Number Insight, with other platforms. Our first challenge was CRM platforms, services like Salesforce or open source projects like SugarCRM.

We’re happy to announce the winner was Jed Wood’s Highrise Insights, an integration of Number Insight with Highrise (did the name give it away?) that took a slight detour through Google Sheets.

The Highrise API provides ways to read and write contact data, Nexmo’s Number Insight API provides meta data about a phone number, but he needed something to tie those APIs together. Understanding that while a lot of Highrise users may not primarily be developers, they are very likely ‘power users’ of the applications they use every day, Jed took an interesting approach.

Power users have been doing amazing things with spreadsheets since they were invented, and Jed used Google Sheets to track the results of Number Insight calls – identical results mean no need to update the contact information in Highrise, any change means the contact should be updated. To pull the contact data out of Highrise, make the Number Insight requests, and update the Highrise contact when needed, Jed used Google Apps Scripts, routing the Number Insight callback to the sheet itself.

He added a ‘config’ sheet to store API credentials along with other configuration values, so all you have to do is duplicate the sheet to use it for yourself. This is the spreadsheet equivalent of cloning a repository. Want to dig a little deeper? Take a look at the project’s GitHub repo.

But Jed’s submission is more than just a good use of the two APIs (three if you count Google). It’s also a great example of how to craft an contest winning submission. And since we’re running a few more of these contests, you may want to check out his technique. Clear description of the project, witty use of the prizes in the example screenshots, and clear and working instructions on how to test it.

Do that, and you’ll be at the top of the list for our next contest. Now Jed has a Parrot Bebop heading his way, but what about you? Take a look at our Pick Your Prize: Nexmo Numbers – CMS Edition contest, and win one for yourself. Unless you’d rather the Xbox or the VR Gear, they’re all up for grabs.

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