The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR Readiness with Nexmo

We want to take the opportunity to announce a few tools that can help your business prepare not only for GDPR but also achieve the highest standard of customer privacy and security.

Auto Data Redaction

Enterprises can elect to have personal data automatically redacted. This enables enterprises to more simply manage their data privacy needs without any additional software development. Contact sales to learn more about the The Nexmo Enterprise Plan.

Audit API

The Audit API enables your organization to build SIEM alerts and access real-time information on user activities and events within your accounts. You can sign-up for early access here.

Access Control

Make sure to review your user restriction settings within the redesigned Nexmo dashboard.


Sign the DPA

Our data processing addendum has been updated to include GDPR terms and contains additional provisions related to personal data.

Review our updated Privacy Policy

We’ve revised our Privacy Policy to make it easier to understand by using clear, plain language and examples that illustrate our activities.

Nexmo Sub-Processors

Nexmo uses trusted sub-processors to assist in providing Nexmo services.

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