Transportation and logistics, accelerated.

Enterprise-grade communication APIs for streamlined service.

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Business transformation through contextual communication.

Adding powerful functionality to your app communications is easy with Nexmo. Build faster, scale globally, and enhance your customer relationships—all with our single, comprehensive platform.

Real-Time Support

Connect with riders throughout their journey with geo-targeted interaction and assistance.

Efficient Onboarding

Validate real passenger credentials with intent-driven verification and authentication.

Personalized Service

Gain visibility into every leg of a trip with embedded calling and real-time delivery alerts.

See how our solutions help transportation and logistics businesses like yours succeed.

Improve first-time delivery rates.

Streamline driver-passenger communication and driver-dispatcher coordination with real-time alerts.

Offer full-time dispatcher support.

Easily answer questions related to routes, schedules, and travel logistics right from your dispatcher center.

Inform drivers and passengers in real-time.

Provide live service levels, journey planning, and ticketing options within the context of your dispatch center.

Protect driver-passenger privacy.

Allow the sending of in-app messages and phone calls without revealing a phone number.
Start innovating with Nexmo cloud communications.
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