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Talkpush Moves to Nexmo’s Voice and SMS APIs for High-Volume Recruitment

CHALLENGEAs Talkpush grows and expands into new geographies, their SMS and IVR solutions need to be reliable, easily deployed, scalable and adaptable to a variety of countries and situations.

SOLUTIONNexmo's Voice (IVR) and SMS APIs

RESULTSEnhanced support and responsiveness to issues, seamless expansion into emerging markets, and cost savings compared with other leading vendors.

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As recruiters well know, processing job applications can often be impersonal and overwhelming. Especially when it’s for large, global companies that hire a high volume of new employees on a regular basis. Using the common practice of starting with resume screening may help, but companies then run the risk of eliminating great candidates before ever interacting with them. Thankfully, that model for screening job applicants may soon be a thing of the past, replaced by an innovative recruitment paradigm from Talkpush.

Talkpush was launched in 2014, to help fast-growing employers optimize the process of high-volume hiring. The company’s first product was a web-based interactive voice response (IVR) system that enabled the initial screening of candidates. From there, Talkpush evolved into a multi-channel CRM that supports conversational engagements with candidates through a chat and voice. Talkpush is applying some of the latest technology in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and voice-to-text transcription to make exchanges and communications between recruiters and candidates easier, more authentic, and more informative than ever before.

According to Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush, “Enterprise customers invest enormously in their employer brand. The conversation they have with their talent pool is an integral part of that brand. One-sided transactional exchanges through email and resumes, based on a static set of information, are a thing of the past. We enable recruiters to easily receive valuable input by listening to candidates via recorded audio, video or via a live conversation. It provides a more accurate, human and emotional connection with the applicant.”

Armbruster believes that by allowing candidates to verbally express themselves and their goals at the beginning of the application process, recruiters can consider factors that a resume alone can’t provide, such as communications skills, level of motivation, and overall personality.

Switching to Nexmo

Currently, Talkpush uses Nexmo’s SMS and Voice APIs for two-way SMS and outbound IVR calls. An SMS message is sent to initiate a conversation with a candidate who applies for a job through online channels such as a job boards, an ad on social media or a Google form. Using the candidate’s phone number, Talkpush starts a conversation via Nexmo SMS, asking for pre qualifying data via an automated SMS chat. That conversation can also be handled over the phone, with an automated IVR or via Facebook Messenger.

For Romain Verbeke, the Head of Engineering at Talkpush, there were several reasons that they made the change to Nexmo APIs. “Nexmo has made it very easy for us to open a new region when needed,” said Verbeke. “We just buy a phone number and plug it into our system. Nexmo takes care of all the heavy lifting and makes sure our SMS communications are being delivered and that our calls are reaching candidates.”

Verbeke cites Nexmo’s experience of working in countries around the world as a major benefit. “Nexmo knows the ins and outs of unique issues such as how to deal with restrictions in some countries, and their level of support has been exceptional. They have always been extremely responsive and helpful. Nexmo knows how to deal with challenging situations that can arise when working in countries such as the Philippines or Dominican Republic, for example.”

Nexmo has offered these particular benefits as Talkpush has grown and expanded its business, according to Armbruster. He highlighted how Nexmo’s broad experience has shone through. “The partnerships that Nexmo builds with telecom operators—especially in emerging markets where we do a lot of business—is essential and has helped us to grow our volumes tenfold in the last two years,” said Armbruster.


Percent reduction in call errors and drops


Increase in SMS and call volumes


Scaling issues

“Since we switched almost all of our SMS and IVR activity to Nexmo, we have successfully rolled out to more than 12 countries. Our call drops and call errors have been reduced by 90%, and our volumes have increased fourfold in the past 12 months, without any scaling issues.”

When Talkpush made the decision to move to Nexmo, they were able to make the transition within two days. “It was very fast,” said Ambruster. “When we switched onto Nexmo, all it took was a day or two of development and testing, and then we were good to go. And immediately, we saw improvements in terms of the quality of the audio and a reduction in errors.

“Nexmo’s responsiveness and breadth of experience is excellent. And, from an economic standpoint, we’ve found that Nexmo’s model of charging on a per-second basis is a big advantage.” According to Armbruster, “better quality, stronger local support, and more competitive rates, are major factors in why I would highly recommend Nexmo.”

“When we switched all of our activity for the IVR and the voice work onto Nexmo, all it took was a day or two of development and testing, and then we were good to go. And immediately, we saw improvements in terms of the quality of the audio and a reduction in errors.”

Max Armbruster CEO | Talkpush

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