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Convoso’s Contact Center Software Uses Nexmo to Enhance Customer Communications

CHALLENGEResponding to potential leads with a "calls only" approach led to many calls not being answered or returned. Convoso had to increase its response rate.

SOLUTIONNexmo's SMS and Voice APIs

RESULTSA measurable uptick in response rate and subsequent sales from potential leads

Founded in 2006 by brothers Nima and Bobby Hakimi, Convoso is today an industry-leading provider of cloud-based contact center software. From the start, the company’s vision has been to revolutionize the contact center industry by streamlining the necessary admin, agent, and customer experiences, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Today, Convoso’s cloud-based contact center software generates and converts more leads in less time, by using multiple communications channels, from calls to emails to text messages and broadcast messages.

Finding Nexmo

Convoso is committed to making sure that its customers are equipped with the latest technology innovations to ensure that they reach and exceed their business goals. To help provide customers with an automated workflow for nurturing or following up on leads, Convoso searched for an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-maintain SMS platform to enhance communications. According to Convoso co-founder and SVP R&D, Bobby Hakimi, “SMS plays a major role in our market these days. People are not as receptive as they once were to phone calls. We realized that messaging and text channels were the way to go.”

Hakimi and his colleagues evaluated a number of vendors and found that Nexmo was the best platform for Convoso’s needs.”We felt that Nexmo had a really good platform. It looked clean. It looked like it was well thought out, and when we checked it out and used the SMS API so that our customers had an automated workflow for leads to become prospects, we had no problems at all. Today, the Nexmo SMS plays a big role in our platform.”

Hakimi explained how the process works: “Let’s say someone submits their information on a website. That information then gets sent to an aggregator who then forwards that lead to a buyer or multiple buyers. When that happens, our system can instantly call that person. But, if the person doesn’t pick up right away, or call back after many attempts during the course of a day, we now send an SMS message to let them know that we received their information and that we are attempting to respond to the form that they filled out. At that point, when the message is sent to them, those people—who we can’t get a hold of any other way—most often end up responding to the SMS.”

Instant, Measurable ROI from SMS

Because everything in the Convoso system is tracked, Convoso customers have been able to quantify a discernible uptick in their businesses since the implementation of Nexmo SMS for outreach. “As soon as we enable a customer to use the SMS, they just start loving it,” said Hakimi.

“They instantly see the increased sales that they get from it. At the beginning, we thought maybe it was just a fluke with the initial customers who tried this method … but literally, in every single case, when we explain what this does, how it works, and how it integrates, customers easily see the ROI.”

Hakimi explains why being able to send an SMS message has made a measurable difference for Convoso’s customers: “When you get phone calls from a salesperson—even if you have requested their information—you may be busy, or you may just not want to talk to people at a given time. So, getting an SMS message in response to something you’ve shown interest in works really well. You don’t need to immediately pick up the phone and deal with someone until you are ready to have that conversation. It’s making a day and night difference in our business.”

According to Hakimi, though there may be other options for making this happen, with Nexmo’s help, Convoso provides a unique edge. “With us, the difference is that it’s all integrated and easy to see. Customers know exactly when a conversion is successful, how many messages had to be sent before a call was converted, how many calls had to be made before a customer needs to send a message, etc. The metrics that are built into Convoso’s platform give users the ability to customize the data they need and get the most out of it.”

"With Nexmo, I feel that I am just as important as their biggest customer, and I feel like I’m getting the same attention. So that gives me the confidence to use more of their services. We started with SMS and then we added Voice. We plan to integrate other Nexmo tools into our platform in the future."

Bobby Hakimi Co-founder and SVP of R&D | Convoso

Great Customer Support that Makes a Difference

Hakimi couldn’t be more enthusiastic about Nexmo’s dependable customer service, claiming that from the very first day of using Nexmo, the high level of support Convoso has received has been outstanding. “I actually get phone calls, I get responses, I don’t have to wait … I haven’t had a single day of downtime, and that is a big deal,” said Hakimi. “The fact that there’s somebody who listens to us and really tries to cater to our needs and customize what we need on the platform, it’s day and night from a lot of other vendors we’ve used who just don’t care.”

Hakimi remarks that it’s been his experience that as some companies get bigger, they pay less and less attention to their customers. Not so with Nexmo. He concludes, “With Nexmo, I feel that I am just as important as their biggest customer, and I feel like I’m getting the same attention. So that gives me the confidence to use more of their services. We started with SMS and then we added Voice. We plan to integrate other Nexmo tools into our platform in the future.”

Hakimi attributes that to the excellent support and follow-up that Nexmo provides. “Of course, Nexmo technology is very easy to integrate, and comes with great documentation; it’s very simple, clean, not confusing. It’s straight to the point. All of that combined is the reason we’re with Nexmo all the way.”

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