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Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform is a business unit of Vonage that develops and markets communication APIs to enable developers and businesses to rapidly innovate the way they communicate with their customers. We tear down the barriers to entry so that any developer can reach a global audience from day 1 and enable businesses to create customer experiences so they can delight their customers.


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Supporting Success

We’ve always known that, despite our APIs doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, it takes a human touch to really drive home success. After all, glitches happen. Discover why we approach support the way we do.

No strangers

Tony and Eric, our co-founders, rolled up their sleeves and personally helped customers resolve issues for the first 3 years. Both of them have over 1,000 resolved tickets under their belt and a 95% customer satisfaction ratio.

Graduation day

Anyone joining has to graduate from what we call the ‘Helpdesk Academy’. This means solving tickets until they get a 5 satisfaction rating which is accompanied by a big pat on the back from the whole company.

Part of your team

Ever wonder how we achieve the remarkable customer satisfaction ratio of 95%? It’s simple. Our 24/7 support staff tell us they feel part of a wider team: yours. And that they love the rewards of working with people to help them succeed.
Between the ease of integration, low prices, fast response rate for customer support issues, and easily navigable docs, we’ve been very impressed with .
Nicolas Schwartz, Technology Lead, BlaBlaCar

What the experts say

has enabled lean, agile, scalable and cost- effective solutions for enterprises
Cool Vendors in Communications Service, Provider Operational and Business Infrastructure, 2014
A high-quality, extremely reliable global network
IDC Insights Research
Worldwide Cloud Communications Platforms 2014–2018 Forecast: The Resurgence of Voice and SMS
Inspiring and simple to work with
A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2015
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